Israel denying entry to Iranian spouse


is denying entry to the Muslim wife of an Iranian Jewish immigrant.

Puriya Hajaram has been trying to arrange
for the entry of his wife from Turkey
since he arrived in Israel eight months ago, Ha’aretz reported on Friday.

He and his wife illegally crossed the border
into Turkey; Turkish authorities plan to deport her back to Iran, where
Hajaram says she faces certain punishment.

Hajaram, 23, who has attended a Hebrew
learners ulpan and is about to start his service in the Israeli army, says
Israeli diplomats and Jewish Agency officials assured him he could send for her
once he arrived in Israel. The Interior Ministry and the Shin Beth security
services told Ha’aretz that Hajaram’s wife was denied entry for security
reasons, although the Shin Beth said such decisions may be reviewed on a case
by case basis.

Hajaram says his wife plans to convert to

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