E.U. adds to Iran sanctions


E.U. foreign ministers approved further
sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program. They agreed to the actions at a meeting Monday in Luxembourg.

The ministers added to the U.N. Security Council’s March sanctions, which placed a travel embargo on certain Iranian officials and imposed a partial ban on Iranian arms exports. The E.U. ministers added officials to the existing travel embargo and froze their assets, and fully banned Iranian arms exports.

E.U. foreign policy chief Javier Solana said he intends to meet Wednesday in Turkey
with Iranian negotiator Ali Larijani in a fresh
attempt to break the deadlock over Tehran’s
nuclear enrichment.

“I hope to resume our talks and to see if we can move
toward renewal of negotiations,” Solana said. This will be the first meeting for the two since early February.

Iran expressed hope Sunday that the
discussions with Solana will resolve the conflict, but added that it
will continue with its nuclear program, which it claims is for non-military purposes.

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