Olmert: We won’t repeat swap mistakes
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Olmert: We won’t repeat swap mistakes

On Israel’s Memorial Day, Ehud Olmert vowed not to repeat past mistakes in obtaining the release of captured Israeli soldiers. At a memorial service Monday for victims of terrorism, the Israeli prime minister said that “in the range of heavy and agonizing considerations
involved there is, of course, an honorable place for consideration of
your feelings and those of the bereaved families.”Olmert did not specify the release of terrorists in previous prisoner swaps, but vowed “never to repeat the mistakes made in the past, the
result of which was an increase in terrorism and the return of released
terrorists to acts of terror which took the lives of many Israeli
citizens.”Earlier, at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, Olmert promised the families of fallen soldiers that he would do everything possible to obtain the release of soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, taken by Hezbollah in July, and Gilad Shalit, kidnapped by Palestinian gunmen in June.”We will take advantage of every chance, we will be
prepared for far-reaching compromises, and even for very painful
concessions, as long as our vital and existential interests are
safeguarded, in order to fulfill our burning ambition for peace,” he said.
On Monday morning, Israelis stood silent as sirens wailed throughout the country for two minutes to mark Yom Hazikaron. Memorial Day ends Monday evening with a torch-lighting ceremony on Mount Herzl, followed by Independence Day celebrations.