Israelis protest Darfur


About 250 Israelis
protested against the plight of the people of Darfur as part of the Global Day for Darfur. The demonstrators, who gathered
at a major Tel Aviv intersection, chanted and carried signs calling for better
treatment of refugees from Darfur – those in African countries such as Egypt
and Chad, as well as the ones who have come to Israel.

The some 300 Sudanese who made it to Israel after traveling across the Egyptian border have been
arrested for being citizens of an enemy nation and crossing illegally into the country. After much pressure from human rights groups, some are being released
to work on kibbutzim and moshavim until their request for asylum either in
Israel or abroad can be processed.

Approximately 100 of these Sudanese are from the Darfur region.
Others include Christians who also were subject to violence and those seeking

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