Sarkozy caricature condemned


The National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism in France condemned a caricature showing presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy
at the center of a Star of David. The words “Washington,” “Tel Aviv” and “Sarkozy” appear
at three corners of the star, titled “the diabolical triangle.” The
caricature was published on an Internet site called Tout Sauf
Sarkozy – “Anything but Sarkozy.”

“We consider this caricature to be a provocation of
anti-Semitic character and incitement for hatred, especially as the site calls on
French people to eradicate the candidate of globalization, of the United States
and of Israel,” agency President Sammy Ghozlan said last Friday. “We demand the Paris
public prosecutor act immediately against the authors of this site. We
demand the interior minister close this site without delay.”

The site’s authors claim to represent socialist,
extreme left and extreme right parties objecting to Sarkozy, who they say will destroy
France by creating a “powerful Europe” and a political alliance between Paris,
Berlin and Moscow. Sarkozy and Socialist Party Segolene Royal meet in a runoff for the presidency May 6.

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