French attack was anti-Semitic


A French prosecutor confirmed that the attack last week on a 22-year-old Jewish woman was anti-Semitic in nature. Audrey Brachelle said she was attacked April 26 by two youths at a
metro station in Marseilles.

prosecutor Jacques Boume said a formal investigation was opened Monday into “thefts and violence with weapon and with racist acts.”

Brachelle, an economics student, was on her way to her
uncle’s shop where she works when two youths
approached her demanding her cell phone and bag. Brachelle’s mother said that when the youngsters noticed Brachelle was wearing a Star of David necklace, they yelled at her that it was a
sign of the devil. They then took out a knife, tore her shirt, painted
a swastika on her stomach and cut off some of her hair.

Brachelle said she was hit several times and thrown to the

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