Hezbollah had war probe, too


Hezbollah said it conducted its own commission of inquiry into last
year’s war with Israel. After claiming last week’s report by Israel’s
Winograd Commission as “proof” of its victory in the July-August war, the
Lebanese militia said it had done similar stocktaking.

Hezbollah’s deputy
chief, Sheik Naim Kassem, said Saturday that a internal probe by the militia
had “examined the weakness and advantages of our combatants in the field
and of the operations directorate.”

“We also looked at how we could benefit
from the results of the war,” Kassem told Al-Jazeera, adding that Hezbollah
is on high alert and training its personnel for a possible second round of
fighting with Israel. “If Israel attacks us again, it will receive a far
more painful slap in the face than it did in the war last July.”

Kassem did not comment on Hezbollah’s anti-tank and ground-to-ground
rocket arsenal, which according to Lebanese officials has been replenished
thanks to Iranian supplies brought in through Syria.

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