Sex-Offender Rabbi Arrested In India


Alan Horowitz, a convicted pedophile, Orthodox rabbi and child psychologist, violated parole last year and left the country to live, according to a letter he sent to the New York State sex offender registry, in Israel. But last week he was arrested in southern India.

Rabbi Horowitz was convicted twice on charges of sexually abusing boys, first in 1983 and again in 1991, when he served 13 years in New York State prison for victimizing boys who were then 8, 10, 12 and 14 years old.

Rabbi Horowitz is presently being held in India as U.S. officials work with authorities there to extradite him here, said Deputy U.S. Marshal Gary Mattison, a lead investigator on the case.

He will be imprisoned for the five years left on his parole, and new federal charges against him are being considered though none have been filed, Mattison said.

Last June, Horowitz sent his parole officer a letter informing him he was leaving the country and wouldn’t return, and sent the other to the sex offender registry, listing a Tel Aviv address for his new residence. It is not clear if Horowitz — who was arrested holding passports from the U.S., Israel and United Kingdom — actually went to Israel since skipping out on parole.

It has been confirmed that he traveled to Japan, Thailand and China on his way to India. It is not clear where he obtained the money for his trip, after spending years in prison, Polin said.