Chilean rabbi meets Moroccan king


A Chilean rabbi was the guest of the king of Morocco.

Shooshan Ghoori, a Brooklyn-born rabbi in Santiago, Chile, attended the annual celebration of the enthronement of King Mohammed VI on July 30 in Tangier.

The king personally extended the invitation to Ghoori more than a year ago during a visit to Chile. Ghoori, who is of Yemenite descent and is married to a Moroccan Jew, was asked to bless the king at his hotel in Santiago. The king was impressed by Ghoori’s Arabic-style incantation and invited him to Morocco as his guest.

Ghoori told JTA the king rolled out the red carpet for him, paying for first-class airfare from Santiago, hotel accommodations for the week, and a car and driver to shuttle him around the country.

“I’m thrilled,” Ghoori said. “I’m a changed man from the trip.”

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