Barak wants professor fired


Defense Minister Ehud Barak demanded Bar Ilan University fire a literature professor who verbally assaulted an Israeli soldier.

On Wednesday, Professor Hillel Weiss protested the evacuation of his daughter and her family from the Hebron wholesale market. In a videotaped interview, Weiss told a reporter the message he conveyed to the commander of the Israeli army brigade carrying out the evacuation.

“I said I hope his mother is bereaved, his wife is widowed and his children are made orphans,” said Weiss before the news camera. “And I told him that I hope my grandchildren will take revenge against him and against all Jewish scum like him.”

Barak said the university should divest Weiss of his “social-educational” status for “crossing all of the red lines and rampantly inciting against the country’s basic values.”

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