Gaza infiltrators killed


Israeli forces narrowly thwarted a killing spree by armed Palestinian infiltrators from the Gaza Strip.

Using a rope ladder, two terrorists clambered over a 30-foot-high security barrier on Gaza’s northern border with Israel early Saturday. The infiltration went unnoticed due to heavy fog.

The Palestinians intended to attack the Israeli border village of Nativ Ha’asara but, thanks to a navigation error, opened fire on a nearby military position instead. They were shot dead in the ensuing clash. An Israeli soldier was lightly wounded.

The Popular Resistance Committees and Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed responsibility for the infiltration.

Israeli forces also raided villages near Tulkarm and Jenin in the West Bank over the weekend, killing three Islamic Jihad gunmen. An Israeli Arab boy whose family was staying in the vicinity of one of the terrorists was killed in a cross-fire. 

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