DNC removes anti-Semitic post


The Democratic National Committee removed a blog post from its Web site which suggested Israel had a role in the September 11, 2001 attacks.

In an Aug. 23 posting to the DNC site, a blogger identified as Tom Heneghan who describes himself as an “International Intelligence Expert” and a “Democrat in Venice, Ca.” alleged that links existed between Al Qaeda and the Mossad, and suggested that Israel was involved in attacks.

“Could it be that the Bush-Clinton-British-Yiddish elite want another terrorist attack on American soil?” he asked.

Heneghan posts in the “PartyBuilder community blogs” part of the DNC website, which is open to anyone who completes a minimal online registration. The DNC removed the blog as soon as JTA inquired about the recent posting.

The DNC does not review blog posts. “Blog posts are written by PartyBuilder users and do not necessarily reflect DNC positions, nor are they reviewed or endorsed by the DNC,” according to DNC policy. “If a post is offensive or contains copyrighted material, please email us at partybuilder@dnc.org and we’ll take a look.”

Earlier Heneghan blog posts still appear on the Web site. One Jan. 29 post described Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) as commander of Mossad operations in the United States. Heneghan simultaneously blogs on MySpace.

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