Radio host: Jews good ‘merchants


A radio talk show host said Jews were good “merchants” but lacked a grasp of the “big economic picture.”

A caller to the conservative Mike Rosen Show on Newsradio 850 KOA in Colorado asked Rosen’s guest, Politico political writer David Paul Kuhn, why Jews trend Democratic.

Kuhn offered some ideas, discussing Israel policy and civil rights – but not the economy. However, Rosen then interjected, “You have exceptions like Milton Friedman, for example, a brilliant free-market economist who was more libertarian than conservative and one of my all-time heroes. Milton Friedman certainly understood the big picture, but so many Jews who are regarded by people as instinctively good merchants are just that. They’re merchants at the retail level and don’t have, I don’t think, a good grasp of the big economic picture like the people like Milton Friedman did.”

Colorado Media Matters, a state branch of the national liberal media watchdog, monitored the Sept. 27 broadcast.