Cardinal: remove Jesus denigration in Talmud


A U.S. cardinal suggested that Jews remove denigrating references to Jesus in the Talmud in exchange for the modification of prayers calling for Jews’ conversion.

Cardinal Francis George of Chicago said in an interview with the National Catholic Reporter last week that he favored changing language in the Missal that calls for the conversion of the Jews, “because the intention is to be sure that our prayers are not offensive to the Jewish people who are our ancestors in the faith.”

He added: “It does work both ways. Maybe this is an opening to say, ‘Would you care to look at some of the Talmudic literature’s description of Jesus as a bastard, and so on, and maybe make a few changes in some of that?’ This is an opening for discussion. Everybody’s theological position has to be respected.”

George is set to assume the presidency next month of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

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