Swastika scare at Washington university


A Jewish writer for the student newspaper has been the primary target of Nazi-themed graffiti at George Washington University.

Sarah Marshak, a freshman who writes for The Hatchet, told campus police that four swastikas were drawn on a dry erase board on her dorm room door, most recently sometime before Sunday morning, according to reports in The Washington Post and The Hatchet.

Another student reported a swastika on the door. The student’s name and ethnicity were withheld by the Washington university.

Campus police also found four swastikas surrounded by political graffiti drawn near the George Washington University Hospital. Police did not say whether they believed the incidents were related.

Marshak reportedly was unperturbed by the graffiti until the Nazi symbol kept reappearing after she had erased it. She left campus after the symbol appeared. The Hatchet reported that she may report the incident to her congressman at home in Florida, Rep. Robert Wexler, who is Jewish.

Earlier this month, the university had also come under scrutiny after banners that appeared to have an anti-Muslim message were found throughout the campus.

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