Thousands rally against neo-Nazis in Prague


Thousands rallied against neo-Nazism in Prague as Czech police prevented a right-wing extremist march.

A high court had banned Saturday’s march through the city’s Jewish Quarter by neo-Nazis on the anniversary of Kristallnacht.

Instead, thousands of Jews and their supporters turned up for a Sabbath prayer by Chief Rabbi Karol Sidon and speeches against extremism by Archbishop Miroslav Vlk and Deputy Prime Minister Cyril Svoboda in front of the 13th century Old-New Synagogue.

Some 1,400 police sealed off the Jewish Quarter to prevent neo-Nazis from entering and also headed them off at metros on the outskirts of the city.

Demonstrators against neo-Nazis extremism also attended an event spearheaded by the Jewish Liberal Union on Old Town Square, where Mayor Pavel Bem and novelist and concentration camp survivor Arnost Lustig addressed a crowd of several thousand.

Some 2,000 anti-fascists and anarchists in the Old Town also marched. Both groups skirmished with a handful of skinheads in the city and clashed as well with police.

Six injuries were reported and 396 people were detained by police.


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