Seeing money in the rebbe


A woman is trying to sell the late Bobover rebbe’s eyeglasses for $350,000.

A Nov. 5 posting on the online auction Web site eBay lists the glasses, “worn daily for over two decades by the Grand Rabbi Solomon Halberstam,” for the hefty sum. Shipping is listed at $125.

“Right now there are many people who are interested, but no one has bid yet,” said Daniel Givotovsky, who said he posted the glasses on behalf of a seller whose husband was the rebbe’s optometrist.

“This is the price the woman wants,” Givotovsky said. “She’s not crazy. She’s perfectly normal. I know it’s a pretty high price, but who knows?”

Halberstam was born in Poland in the early 20th century and saw nearly his entire family wiped out by the Holocaust. He re-established the Bobover dynasty in the United States after the war. He died in New York in 2000.

The Bobovers have tens of thousands of adherents in Brooklyn and in Israel.

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