Israel faulted over P.A. police efforts


A British adviser to the Palestinian Authority police accused Israel of disrupting efforts to control a key West Bank city.

Colin Smith, a retired British police commander who has been helping the P.A. National Security Forces deploy in Nablus and tackle local militias, said Monday that Israeli military raids on the city have been unhelpful.

“At night they come into Nablus and there are operations that they are mounting, which clearly is not helping the Palestinian Authority’s security plan,” Smith told Reuters, adding that Israel should approve freer movement for the Nablus police within the West Bank.

Israeli officials say the military is trying to help the Palestinian Authority’s security efforts but will not sit idle if intelligence warnings are received on impending terrorist attacks.

Smith said he will ask European Union delegates to provide more equipment to the P.A. police when they convene next month in Paris to discuss donations to P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas’ administration.



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