Mahler jailed over Nazi greeting


Right-wing German extremist Horst Mahler has been jailed for raising his arm in a Nazi salute.

Mahler, 71, who created an uproar with a controversial interview earlier this month in Germany’s Vanity Fair magazine, had used the Nazi salute to greet his jailers the last time he was put in jail in the former East German city of Cottbus.

That time, he served nine months for incitement to hate. This time, he is to spend six months behind bars, according to a report in the Geman Press Agency. Mahler, a former left-wing extremist and co-founder of the now defunct Red Army Fraction, has since became an outspoken neo-Nazi.


Meanwhile, historian and Holocaust survivor Arno Lustiger has started proceedings to sue Vanity Fair over the Nov. 1 Mahler interview, which Lustiger’s attorney’s said constituted illegal Holocaust denial.

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