Palestinian jailed in Beersheba bombing


A Palestinian who abetted a double suicide bombing in Israel was jailed for life.

An Israeli security court on Monday sentenced a Hamas member from Hebron to 18 consecutive life prison sentences in connection with the 2004 attacks in Beesheba that killed 16 and wounded scores of others.

The defendant, who did not contest the charges, was found guilty of building the bomb belts used in Beersheba and in a Jerusalem attack that was thwarted.

Separately, the Jerusalem District Court sentenced two Palestinians to five- and seven-year prison sentences for plotting to kidnap and murder an Israeli.

The two cousins were found guilty of accepting a mission assigned to them by a Gaza-based terrorist group in which they would seize and kill an Orthodox Jew, then use the body to barter for the release of Palestinians jailed by Israel. They aborted the plot after failing to find an appropriate victim and weapons.

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