Israeli police, TV hit pedophiles


Israeli police collaborated with a television station in rounding up suspected pedophiles.

Setting a precedent for Israeli media, Israel’s Channel 10 this month arranged for an actress to pose as a 13-year-old Internet user and troll for pedophiles online. Eleven men were persuaded to come to an apartment on the promise of sex with the “girl,” only to find themselves caught in a police sting operation.

Channel 10 aired hidden-camera footage of the arrests, making public the identities of eight of the suspects. Their ages range from 24 to 62 and, according to the television station, they hail from various professions, including the military and high-tech.

Sexual abuse of minors has received more attention recently in Israel. According to police figures, one in six Israelis suffers some sort of molestation as a child.

To ease education on the risks, an Israeli production house is making a children’s video about sexual abuse that parents can discuss with their offspring.


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