Airstrikes kill 10 Gaza terrorists


Israeli airstrikes killed 10 Islamic Jihad terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

Signaling a stepped-up offensive against the Palestinian faction that has carried out most of the recent cross-border rocket launches from Gaza, Israel’s Air Force launched airstrikes on Monday night and Tuesday morning.

One attack destroyed a car carrying Islamic Jihad’s most senior field commander in Gaza. Five of his comrades died with him. In the second strike, four Islamic Jihadists were killed as they left a mosque.

Islamic Jihad responded by vowing to renew suicide bombings in Israel. Israeli security sources dismissed the threat, saying the absence of recent suicide bombings was a result of effective counter-measures rather than any restraint by Islamic Jihad or other Palestinian terrorist groups.

At least 15 rockets and mortar bombs were fired from Gaza at Israeli targets Tuesday. There were no reports of damage or injuries.

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