Zundel’s lawyer going to jail, too


The lawyer for jailed Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel is going to prison.

Sylvia Stolz, 44, was sentenced Monday to 3 1/2 years in jail by a German court for denying the Holocaust while defending Zundel last year.

Stolz, the girlfriend of jailed right-wing extremist Horst Mahler, also was banned from working as an attorney for five years.


The Mannheim court, explaining its sentence, said Stolz “lives in a make-believe world and wants to restore Germany’s honor.” The judge also called Stolz a “fanatic anti-Semite.”

Stolz while defending Zundel in the courtroom referred to the Holocaust as “the biggest lie in world history.” She also reportedly signed a court paper with the greeting “Heil Hitler.”

Stolz was ejected from the trial, with another attorney taking over.

Zundel, 68, eventually was convicted on charges of incitement to hate and anti-Semitism, and Holocaust denial. He was sentenced to a five-year prison term.

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