New Gaucher’s treatment being tested


A worldwide trial of an Israeli enzyme treatment for Gaucher’s disease is under way.


The trial is looking at a new enzyme replacement drug for Gaucher’s disease produced by an Israeli company from plant cells. It is being coordinated by Professor Ari Zimran of the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem.


Gaucher’s, the most common hereditary Jewish disorder, is prevalent among Ashkenazim. Those who suffer from Gaucher’s have insufficient levels of an enzyme responsible for breaking down extra fatty material, called lipids, in the body. They are treated with enzyme replacement therapy.


The safety of the drug was established in animals and healthy human volunteers.

New York University is participating in the study, in which patients diagnosed with Gaucher’s disease receive treatment and are monitored for their response. To join the study call, contact NYU’s Dr. Gregory Pastoras at (212) 263-1018.



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