British PM meets with Shoah survivor


The British prime minister met with a Holocaust survivor to pledge his support for Holocaust Memorial Day.


Zigi Shipper presented Prime Minister Gordon Brown Tuesday with a handwritten letter emphasizing the importance of Holocaust education.


During the meeting, the Prime Minister signed the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Book of Commitment, which offers a united pledge to remember the Holocaust and to join together to fight all forms of discrimination. The Book of Commitment will be signed by hundreds of members of Parliament in the next few days.


“As the philosopher George Santayana said, ‘Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.’ That is why we must remember the Holocaust – not only as a defining tragedy but as a warning – to rededicate ourselves to doing all we can to never allow this to happen again,” Brown wrote in the book. “We must pay tribute to those who perished and educate our children to take a stand against hatred, intolerance and persecution wherever and whenever it is found.”

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