Russia denies harsher Iran draft
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Russia denies harsher Iran draft

Russia says the new U.N. draft resolution against Iran does not contain new, harsher sanctions.

Foreign Minister Sergei Ivanov denied that the resolution contains new sanctions, saying it simply requires “countries to be vigilant in developing trade, economic, transport and other relations with Iran so that these relations are not used to transfer illegal, banned materials that can be used in nuclear affairs,” according to a report by the BBC.

The BBC said that several diplomats confirmed on Tuesday that the new resolution, drafted in response to Iran’s ongoing enrichment of uranium in defiance of U.N. sanctions, would create harsher sanctions. The five permanent Security Council members, Russia included, and Germany agreed on the terms.

The draft, to be submitted by the United Kingdom, France and Germany, opens the possibility of direct talks between Iran and the United States if conditions are met by Iran.