Jewish war vets oppose JDAMs sale


The Jewish War Veterans opposes a proposed arms sale to Saudi Arabia.

The group objected particularly to the sale of 900 Joint Direct Attack Munitions, devices that substantially increase accuracy when attached to bombs.

“While the administration agreed to sell Saudi Arabia sophisticated arms as part of its efforts to contain the threat posed by Iran, and the guidance systems will supposedly be programmed not to include U.S. bases in Iraq and Israel as targets, it is important that such hi-tech equipment not fall into the hands of the government of Saudi Arabia, a sworn enemy of Israel and a nation which has called the Iraqi War illegal,” the group said in a statement issued Wednesday.

“The stability of the Saudi government is shrouded in secrecy, and we have no way of knowing if the components that would keep any nation from being a target can be overridden by those within or outside of the government into whose hands these weapons might fall,” the organization added.

In addition to containing Iran, the Bush administration says the sale will help nudge the Saudis toward supporting Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

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