Hamas claims Dimona bombing


Hamas said that it, not Fatah terrorists, carried out Monday’s suicide bombing in Dimona.

A source in Hamas’ armed wing told Reuters that a Palestinian who blew himself up in the southern Israeli town, as well as a comrade who was shot dead by police before he could detonate his bomb, belonged to the Islamist group.

The claim clashed with statements by Fatah’s Al-Aksa Brigades and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine that they carried out the attack, which killed a Dimona woman.

Israeli security sources have reserved comment, noting that pictures issued by Al-Aksa Brigades and the PFLP of the two terrorists do not resemble those found at the scene.

Security has been heightened in southern Israel on the assumption there could be more would-be suicide bombers at large and preparing to strike.

The Hamas source said the Dimona bombers came from the West Bank city of Hebron rather than the Gaza Strip.

The possibility of an infiltration from Gaza via the Sinai had stirred calls in Israel for a security fence to be erected along the Egyptian border.

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