Oz: Don’t reinvade Gaza


Israel should not reinvade the Gaza Strip, Amos Oz said.


In a piece published on the front page of Wednesday’s Yediot Achronot, the prize-winning author known for his peace advocacy said “Israel must not fall into the trap that Hamas has laid for it by marching into Gaza. Because the casualty figure in a land invasion into Gaza will be much greater than the number of Kassam casualties in the past seven years.”


Oz pointed out that taking over Gaza again will not stop the Kassams from falling, as they did during five of the years that Israeli soldiers and communities were inside the strip.


He added that invading Gaza would only strengthen Hamas, which has controlled the strip since last June, by causing the Palestinians and the Arab world to rally around the terrorist organization.


On Tuesday night Israeli President Shimon Peres, discussing the situation in Gaza, told a conference of volunteers that “if we are being fired upon, we must hit back without hesitation and without compromise.”

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