Peace Now nonprofit status questioned


Israel’s nonprofits registrar asked a Peace Now affiliate to clarify its status.

Yaron Keidar expressed concerns that Sha’al Educational Enterprises was engaged in political activity opposed to Israel’s activities on the West Bank instead of its expressed educational aims, according to a Jerusalem Post report this week.

Sources close to Peace Now said the matter is a technicality. They said Sha’al, an acronym for Peace Now for Israel, educates Israelis about Israeli settlement and activities in the West Bank.

Ultimately, the sources said, Peace Now might alter Sha’al’s expressed aims to the registrar’s satisfaction, or if Keidar disbands Sha’al, it would set up another nonprofit with aims that comport with the registrar’s standards.

Keidar routinely audits nonprofits because some have acted as fund-raising shelters for political parties.

The investigation does not affect the status of Americans for Peace Now, which raises funds for its Israeli affiliate.

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