Olmert roots for Oscar entry ‘Beaufort


Ehud Olmert praised “Beaufort,” Israel’s entry in the Oscars, at his weekly Cabinet meeting.

The Israeli prime minister threw his weight behind the film, a drama about soldiers under Hezbollah fire in southern Lebanon, ahead of its vying for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film at Sunday evening’s ceremonies. 

“I think it’s only right to wish for the makers of the film ‘Beaufort’ that they win the Oscar,” Olmert told his Cabinet colleagues in broadcast remarks.

“I think the time has come for an Israeli film to win an Oscar. Our cinema industry is evolving very impressively, and this film certainly showcases capabilities, values and depths which are deserving of recognition.”

Many Israelis have boycotted “Beaufort” in protest that several of its cast members evaded mandatory military service. Among them reportedly is the armed forces chief, Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi.

Olmert suggested,  however, that sometimes the arts have advantages over the army.

“I very much hope that Israel’s wars will become just the subjects of films rather than the reality of life,” he said.


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