Six minors dead in Gaza raids


Palestinians say 14 civilians, including six children, have been killed in clashes with Israel in the Gaza Strip since Wednesday.

Israel intensified its raids on the strip after a college student in Sderot was killed Wednesday in a rocket attack.

Palestinian officials told news agencies that 31 Palestinians have been killed in the raids, including 14 non-combatants; among those were five boys under 16 and a six-month old baby. Reports Friday said five Palestinians, including two children, were injured in a morning air force raid on a rocket manufacturing facility.

Meanwhile, a rocket hit a Sderot home while a family was having lunch, slightly wounding a woman.

The rocket attacks from Gaza, enabled by its Hamas rulers, increased after Israel imposed a blockade last month in a bid to stop them.

One air raid Thursday bombed a site 150 meters from the home of Ismail Haniye, a Hamas leader. In recent days, rockets have reached as far north as Ashkelon, a major city.

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