German MP wants anti-Israel employee fired


A German parliamentarian called for the firing of a German public employee for his anti-Israel writings.

Member of parliament Gerd Weisskirchen called for the firing of Ludwig Watzal, an associate at Germany’s Federal Agency for Civic Education who has warned of the “Israelization of the world.”

Weisskirchen, who is the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s representative for combating anti-Semitism, called Watzal’s writings anti-Semitic.

In 2005, Watzal resisted a similar call for his dismissal by agreeing to abstain from any Middle East-related issues in his official capacity. Watzal also agreed to a ban on his traveling to Israel for the Federal Agency for Civic Education.

What has Watzal in hot water now is a recent anti-Israel article reprinted in the Lebanon Wire that mentions his affiliation with the agency. The article, a book review, is called “Israel’s Dilemma in Palestine: A Land with People, for a People with a Plan.”

In another recent book review, Watzal commended the author for describing the goal of Zionism as the elimination of the Palestinian nation. “If this insight could contribute to broadening the horizon of the public, then this book will have fulfilled its purpose,” Watzal wrote.

As a private individual, Watzal has a right to say what he wants, said Federal Agency for Civic Education spokesman Daniel Kraft. But he cannot relate such statements to his affiliation with the agency.

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