Israeli nearly eaten by Aussie croc


An Israeli tourist fishing in northern Australia came within a snap of being eaten by a monster crocodile.

Novon Mashiah, 27, was working the South Alligator River in the Northern Territory last Friday when he saw a giant salt-water crocodile and asked his Israeli friend, Doron Aviguy, 22, who was in another boat, to take a photograph.

The result, splashed across Australian newspapers on Wednesday, showed the 13-foot croc, jaws apart, leaping out of the water in an attempt to devour Mashiah.

“I was pointing at it when it suddenly jumped up at me,” he told the Daily Telegraph. “I didn’t realize that crocs were so aggressive.

“I was shocked,” said Mashiah who has a giant Star of David tattooed on his chest. “The animal clearly wanted to kill me.”

“That’s it: I’m not getting close to crocs anymore,” he said.

An average of one to people a year are killed by crocodiles in Australia.

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