Arab League threatens to review peace offer


The Arab League is considering a review of its 2002 plan for comprehensive peace with Israel.

Arab League foreign ministers meeting Wednesday in Cairo deplored Israel’s recent offensive in the Gaza Strip and said regional peace prospects were in doubt.

“For the Arab side to continue to offer the Arab peace initiatve, it will be linked with Israel’s implementation of its basic international commitments,” the ministers said in a statement.

“The matter must be restudied. What is the benefit? What is the strategy that must be adopted in light of the complete rejection of the outstretched hand?”

Under the 2002 offer, Israel would be recognized by the Arab world in exchange for giving up land captured in the 1967 Six-Day War and agreeing to a solution for the Palestinian refugee problem.

Israel has welcomed the initiative but balked at preconditions being placed on peace talks.

The Arab League stopped short of saying it would withdraw the offer or calling on the Palestinian Authority to curtail its U.S.-sponsored peace talks with Israel.

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