British radical praises yeshiva attack


The head of a radical left-wing British organization pronounced support for the attack on the Mercaz Harav yeshiva.

Mick Napier, the chair of the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, claims in an article published on the organization’s Web site that “Palestinians continue to resist and we should be inspired by their courage, fortitude and endurance against an enemy that threatens them openly with ‘Holocaust.’ “

The site’s editors added a disclaimer stating that the article represents Napier’s personal views and not necessarily the organization’s.

After emphasizing the Jerusalem yeshiva’s central role in the creation of the settler movement, Napier pronounces sympathy for the joyful reactions to the terrorist attack among Palestinians in Gaza, saying “when one man strikes back against the most genocidal settler group it is bound to bring a grim satisfaction to those crouching under Israeli-imposed siege in the Gaza Killing Zone.”

The Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, which was founded in 2000, has branches in several Scottish universities and cities. Its Web site also promotes the views of Ilan Pappe, a controversial Israeli historian who claims Israel implemented a policy of ethnic cleansing during its 1948 War of Independence.


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