Israel unprepared for cruise-missile attack


Israel would not be able to fend off future cruise missile attacks by Iran.

Israel’s strong air defense systems may answer the threat of long-range ballistic missile strikes by Iran or Syria, but they would not defeat a low-altitude cruise missile strike, Ma’ariv reported Thursday.

According to the newspaper, Israeli officials are concerned about the prospect of Iran developing cruise missiles, which could be used for sneak nuclear attacks in the future. Iran is believed to have bought 12 Soviet-era cruise missiles from Ukraine several years ago and may be using them as prototypes.

Cruise missiles fly long distances at ground-hugging heights, allowing them to dodge most radar systems. The United States has rejected several Israeli requests to buy its premier cruise missile Tomahawk. Israel is believed to be working on its own designs of the strategic weapon.

Israel’s Defense Ministry had no immediate comment on the Ma’ariv report.

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