Sderot residents meet Ukrainian lawmakers


Residents of the beleaguered Israeli town of Sderot met with members of Ukraine’s parliament.

A group of Sderot residents and the Israeli ambassador to Ukraine met Wednesday in Kiev with the parliamentarian group Ukraine-Israel to tell them about life in their town, which for years has been battered by Palestinian rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.

“The reports in the media do not portray an accurate picture of the reality of life in Sderot,” said Aleksandr Riman, 49, a resident of Sderot who emigrated from Ukraine to Israel in 1991.

Parliament member Aleksandr Feldman, a head of the Ukraine-Israeli parliamentarian group and leader of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, said he will continue to support Israel in its struggle against terrorism and organize summer camps in Ukraine for children from the Sderot area.

Feldman told JTA that members of the Ukraine-Israel group will visit Israel next month.

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