Grandmother assaulted at kosher bakery


Police are investigating an alleged assault at a kosher bakery in Melbourne.

Emma Forovski, an 84-year-old grandmother, was hospitalized last Wednesday with a fractured nose after she allegedly was kicked by a staff member at the Haymishe Bakery in Melbourne’s heavily Jewish Balaclava neighborhood. The dispute apparently began over the freshness of a cake that Forovski wanted to buy.

Forovski, a Russian immigrant, told Sky News, “She pushed me and then kicked me and I fell [and] there was blood.”

But the owner of the bakery, which is under the supervision of the fervently Orthodox Adass Israel community, has strenuously denied the allegations.

Eva Weisner told 3AW local radio that Forovski, who was with her 90-year-old husband, had racially abused staff.

“An old Russian lady came into the shop, bought a cake and then started yelling at the serving ladies, saying ‘You are a dirty Jew’ and ‘You should die today.’ ”

But Forovski, who is also Jewish, denied that she had racially abused staff.

Raizl Fogel, a spokeswoman for the bakery, said the incident was unfortunate.

“We wish her well,” she said, “but we’ve always prided ourselves on excellent service.”

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