Text of statement condemning China


The following is the text of the statement organized by Elie Wiesel condemning the Chinese government’s crackdown in Tibet:


We, the undersigned Nobel Laureates, deplore and condemn the Chinese government’s violent crackdown on Tibetan protestors. We urge the Chinese authorities to exercise restraint in dealing with these unarmed, peaceful demonstrators.

We protest the unwarranted campaign waged by the Chinese government against our fellow Nobel Laureate, His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Contrary to the repeated claims of Chinese authorities, the Dalai Lama does not seek separation from China, but religious and cultural autonomy. This autonomy is fundamental to the preservation of the ancient Tibetan heritage.

We call upon the Chinese government to resume talks with the Dalai Lama’s representatives as soon as possible in order to achieve a peaceful and mutually beneficial solution to the Tibetan issue.

Alexei Abrikosov
Nobel Prize, Physics (2003)

Peter Agre
Nobel Prize, Chemistry (2003)

Baruj Benacerraf
Nobel Prize, Medicine (1980)

Günter Blobel
Nobel Prize, Medicine (1999)

Arvid Carlsson
Nobel Prize, Medicine (2000)

John Coetzee
Nobel Prize, Literature (2003)

Paul J. Crutzen
Nobel Prize, Chemistry (1995)

Clive W.J. Granger
Nobel Prize, Economics (2003)

Paul Greengard
Nobel Prize, Medicine (2000)

Avram Hershko
Nobel Prize, Chemistry (2004)

Roald Hoffman
Nobel Prize, Chemistry (1981)

John Hume
Nobel Prize, Peace (1998)

Brian D. Josephson
Nobel Prize, Physics (1973)

Eric R. Kandel
Nobel Prize, Medicine (2000)

Roger Kornberg
Nobel Prize, Chemistry (2006)

Finn E. Kydland
Nobel Prize, Economics (2004)

Erwin Neher
Nobel Prize, Medicine (1991)

John C. Polanyi
Nobel Prize, Chemistry (1986)

H. David Politzer
Nobel Prize, Physics (2004)

Richard J. Roberts
Nobel Prize, Medicine (1993)

Phillip A. Sharp
Nobel Prize, Medicine (1993)

Jens C. Skou
Nobel Prize, Chemistry (1997)

Wole Soyinka
Nobel Prize, Literature (1986)

Elie Wiesel
Nobel Prize, Peace (1986)

Torsten N. Wiesel
Nobel Prize, Medicine (1981)

Betty Williams
Nobel Prize, Peace (1976)

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