Israeli cult rabbi flees to Canada


A radical rabbi alleged to have counseled followers to commit horrific acts of child abuse has fled Israel for Canada.

Officials in Israel have issued an international arrest warrant for Rabbi Elior Chen, who is alleged to have counseled his followers to severely beat and burn children in order to rid them of the devil. Other children were allegedly forced to drink alcohol and turpentine until they vomited. Some of the abuses have resulted in serious and life threatening injuries. One child remains in a vegetative state.

Israeli authorities plan to ask Canada to extradite him.

“He left Ben Gurion Airport. He flew to Canada. We know that he’s in Canada at the moment,” police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld told the Globe and Mail newspaper.

Chen was once linked to a plot to fire a missile at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

The Canadian Jewish Congress has called on Chen, if he is indeed hiding in Canada, to turn himself in.

“Canadian Jewish Congress is willing to assist in facilitating his surrender to Canadian authorities,” said Rabbi Reuven Bulka, co-president of CJC. “If Rabbi Chen so desires, we encourage him to contact our offices.”



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