Israelis to monitor Nepal elections


A team of Israeli volunteers will observe Nepal’s upcoming election of a Constituent Assembly.


The Constituent Assembly to be formed after the April 10 elections will decide the future political setup of Nepal and the fate of the monarchy.

Tevel b’Tzedek, an Israeli based social justice non-governmental organization, in partnership with the Israeli Embassy in Kathmandu, is the only Israeli representative organization to send volunteers to observe the elections. Other observation parties, numbering about 1,000 international observers, include the United Nations, European Union and the Carter Center for Peace.

The Tevel b’Tzedek team will monitor the elections in the Cherikot district about six hours drive from Kathmandu, an area considered sensitive by Nepali observers because of clashes between political groups that have taken place there.

This will be Tevel b’Tzedek’s first experience monitoring elections. The Israeli team has received training from both the election committee and from the other delegates such as the JANIPOP election observation team from Bangladesh.

The elections are a key test of the resilience of Nepal’s peace process, which ended a civil war that claimed at least 13,000 lives.


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