Record vote in Argentine elections


A record number of voters turned out to elect representatives to the central Jewish institution in Argentina.

The United Religious Bloc, led by Rabbi Samuel Levin, garnered 38 percent of the vote in Sunday’s AMIA elections in which 7,341 of 18,600 eligible voters cast ballots.

Next was the United Community Front list, which was backed by former AMIA president Abraham Kaul and Rabbi Daniel Goldman, with 33 percent and the AMIA for All list, led by Rabbi Sergio Bergman, with 23 percent.

Since none of the five parties in the election received a majority of votes, they must negotiate coalitions to name a candidate to replace the current president, Luis Grynwald.

Insiders say Kaul is ready to form a coalition with the religious parties.

The coalitions will be presented at a May 20 electoral assembly meeting. The terms will run through 2011.


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