ZOA praises Hagee



The Zionist Organization of America praised evangelical Pastor John Hagee’s support for Israel.

The expression of support Friday for the founder of Christians United for Israel came after the Reform movement president, Rabbi Eric Yoffie, called on Jewish groups not to ally with the leader, noting particularly his opposition to territorial compromise.

“In the end, when Israel is under enormous pressure with few defenders and supporters, Pastor Hagee’s support is critical,” ZOA President Morton Klein said in a statement. “He sends a message to the president and Congress and to the media that the Jews are not alone, thank G-d. For Pastor Hagee, in addition to his great work throughout the year throughout the country, he brings 5,000 Christians to Washington every year with vigor and love and support for Israel that we Jews can learn something from.”

Hagee has said his group will not oppose Israeli governments that agree to territorial concessions, but he has also made clear he will not support them. The ZOA is similarly opposed to territorial concessions.


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