Palestinians, Israelis killed in Gaza


Up to 20 Palestinians were killed in Israeli airstrikes hours after three Israeli soldiers were killed in the Gaza Strip.

At least ten Palestinians were killed in the first attack, near where the soldiers were killed early Wednesday in a gunfight with Hamas. Most of those killed, near a local mosque, are members of the Army of the Nation organization, but two children also were killed, according to reports.

In the second attack, on an SUV in central Gaza, a Reuters cameraman and a 67-year-old Palestinian man were killed.

At least four Hamas gunmen were killed in an exchange of fire with IDF soldiers near the Sajawiya refugee camp.

Israeli troops on an incursion into Gaza near the Karni border crossing came under Hamas fire early Wednesday. Three soldiers were killed in the ensuing gunfight and at least three others were wounded, security sources said.

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