Skewed flags stir Israeli ire


Thousands of Israeli flags being flown ahead of Independence Day have a design flaw – an apparent mistake by a Chinese manufacturer.

An Israeli bank distributed more than 1 million free flags this week as a promotional ploy and to encourage patriotic displays during the Jewish state’s Memorial Day and 60th Independence Day.

But while the flag has the standard two blue stripes, the Star of David positioned between them is slanted, resting on two points, rather than standing straight as required by protocol.

Sheli Yehimovitch, a Labor Party lawmaker and member of the Knesset Finance Committee, called on the public not to hang the flags.

Speaking to Israel Radio, Yehimovitch said the design flaw likely originated with the Chinese firm that produced the flags at a discount. She argued that this should be a lesson on the need to buy Israeli products.


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