Eisen: Iran war would drain Israel


Open conflict with Iran would be a defeat for Israel, an Israeli government spokesperson said in Dublin.

A war with Iran would drain the country’s coffers at a time when Israel is trying to devote more resources to education and economic development, according to special spokesperson for the Israeli government, Col. Miri Eisen.

Speaking this week about the Iranian threat at a seminar in Dublin’s Trinity College to mark the 60th anniversary of Israel’s independence, Eisen said Israel “very much would like to see a diplomatic solution – there is no other way – because if it becomes Israel versus Iran, Israel has already lost.”

She also affirmed the “need, reason and right to have a Jewish state in Israel” alongside a Palestinian state, but insisted that Israel would not make self-defeating concessions towards that end.

“The people of Israel are not going to help build a terrorist state to be our neighbor,” she said.

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