Bin Laden: Break Gaza blockade


A recorded message purportedly from Osama bin Laden called on Muslims to break the Israeli-led embargo on Gaza.

“Each one of us is responsible for the deaths of our oppressed people in Gaza, and dozens upon dozens have died due to this oppressive blockade,” a voice that sounds like the fugitive Al-Qaida leader said in a message posted Sunday on Islamist Web sites.

He added that Egypt, a U.S. ally which has helped Israel put pressure on Palestinians in Gaza since Hamas took over the territory last year, should break the embargo “as they are the only ones on the border.”

Al-Qaida appears to have stepped up its public appeals to help the Palestinians in parallel with President Bush’s recent visit to Israel.

“There is no way to reach Palestine except by fighting the governments and parties that are close to the Jews and move between them and us,” bin Laden said in the new recording.

He said Israel is “very weak” and “full of holes.”

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