Kosher workers allege sex abuse


Former workers at the nation’s largest kosher slaughterhouse allege they were the victims of sexual abuse.

The allegations come a week after federal agents arrested 389 illegal workers at Agriprocessors in what authorities describe as the largest raid of its kind in U.S. history.

The new allegations were made by Sister Mary McCauley, a Roman Catholic nun at St. Bridget’s Church in Postville, Iowa, where Agriprocessors is based.

If a worker wanted a promotion or a shift change, McCauley told the Des Moines Register Monday, “they’d be brought into a room with three or four men and it was like, ‘Which one do you want? Which one are you going to serve? “

McCauley and the staff at St. Bridget’s have taken the lead in providing humanitarian assistance to those affected by the raid.

Agriprocessors would not respond directly to McCauley’s allegations, the Register reported.

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