Nazi memorabilia removed from Australian market


Nazi memorabilia was removed from a market in an Australian country town following complaints from local Jews.

Over the weekend, a stall at Daylesford’s Mills Market in Victoria was offering for sale a Nazi armband, Nazi documentation, stamps and swastikas from the Nazi regime believed to be from a private collection.

On Sunday, a member of the Jewish community spotted the Nazi memorabilia and contacted the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission, which asked market manager Helen Watson to remove the offending material.

Commission chairman John Searle praised the market’s prompt action.

“Most Australians understand how offensive Nazi memorabilia is, not only to Holocaust survivors but to anyone who deplores racist behavior,” Searle said.

“We at the ADC need to act swiftly in these cases to protect our community and ensure a new generation does not become immune to the dangers such extreme views represent.”

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